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MarketTrak publishes highly accurate forecasts of the stock market direction over four different time frames: one day ahead, five days ahead, ten days ahead, and fifteen days ahead. These forecasts can be used by investors/traders who want to improve their bottom line by taking advantage of the up and down movements of the market averages. More importantly, the forecasts may help avoid those nasty surprises when the market makes a big move against your position. We warn you in advance of anticipated changes in market direction so you have time to adjust your portfolio to maximize returns and reduce risk.

For those that don't trade too often, we have added a swing trading model that beats buy and hold.

Our forecast model is an advanced neural network which is evolved using a genetic program. We translate the one day forecast into clear, accurate, and easy to follow long, cash, and short signals for ETFs like the Dow DIAMONDS (symbol DIA), the SP500 SPDRS (symbol SPY) and the NASDAQ 100 (symbol QQQ). This forecast might also apply to individual company stocks or other ETFs that correlate well with the overall market (high beta). We update all forecasts each evening and post the results on our forecast web page.

Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the most accurate stock market forecasts. We achieve this through a vigorous research and development program. The program's objective is to discover model improvements that increase trading profits while at the same time minimize drawdowns. Click the Example button to the left to see an example forecast and our recent performance history. Click the About button to learn more about our model.

Subscribe to MarketTrak and get our forecasts for only $10 per month. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription includes daily forecast updates and email alerts when there is a significant shift in our market outlook.  A message board is available to ask questions and learn about our model.

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