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Posted By: Jim   Date: Sun Jul 22, 2007

Title: Update often...

  I'm a new subscriber.
  I've noticed that you update your "Notices/Comments"
  quite often, sometimes more than once a day.
  It gives me a good feeling to observe this.
  This, along with posting all the daily raw data along with
  numerous explanations of how to understand/interpret/apply
  this information shows me that you both love your work here and
  you take your service very seriously.
  From what I've seen so far, you definitely give your subscribers their money's worth.
  Thanks for that.

  Jim, thanks for your comments. I do spend considerable time developing the models and trying to give my subscribers the best possible information. It's a lot of fun for me keeping the web site current. Equally important is that trading the signal has been financially rewarding.

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