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Posted By: Jim   Date: Wed Aug 15, 2007

Title: Indication to stay long after Fri, 08/17?

  In your current comments, regarding your Trading Model, you say this:
  -LONG at the close on Thursday. At the close on Friday, it will move back to CASH-
  If, on Thursday night 8/16, the ANO continues to make higher highs and higher lows, and, the ANO is greater than +0.0005, will you
  recommend keeping the LONG position past the Friday close?

  We are not a licensed investment advisor so we cannot recommend any trading action. We only show what our models are saying and then you decide what trades to make, if any.

 The trading model does return to cash position at the close on Friday. Since the model uses the ANO computed seven days previous, the earliest that it can return to a long position is near the end of next week since the relevant ANO values remain below the long set point.

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