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Posted By: Jim   Date: Sat Oct 13, 2007

Title: Conclusions on viewing models, Questions

  1) When comparing V12, V7, and V10, what gives the buy-sell signals?
  Is it anytime any of these cross the red-colored "0" line?
  2) Is there a lead time from signal date to action? 5, 7, or 15 days?
  3) If V7 is so good, why are you not now using that instead of V12.1?
  4) If you conclude that V12.1 is best, why not just stick with the current V12.1 and use stops until/unless V12.1 gives a "Sell" signal which will take place 5 days after the signal is given?
  5) Are you planning to change V12.1 to more accurately reflect the current market -or- has this V12.1 historically proven to be the best & that's why you're sticking with it?
  I guess I don't understand why the whole issue of viewing all these different versions is so important...If it is important to view all of them, how do I conclude which is the best one to follow?...Help?

  Each model has its own set of trading parameters. For now, the current set will work for the three models shown in the comparison chart. You can get the current set by clicking here.

  Version 7 is doing a better job but we don't want to change over to it until our validation and verification work are completed. Also, version 10 is undergoing the same testing.

  The reason for showing the comparison chart is to give you a heads up on possible changes coming soon. Also, since these two versions are doing a better job than version 12, you might want to include these results in your trading decisions.

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