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Posted By: Peter   Date: Sun Feb 8, 2009

Title: Track record

  I would like to see a seamless transition from model to model with buy-cash-short recommendations which would be your track record.
  I know new and better models are being developed and this way your site would have a track record based on your knowledge of the models.


When it makes sense to include previous results, I will do so. However, often the updated model is a significant departure from the previous one and attributing some gain or loss to it may not be the appropriate thing to do. For example, if the previous model had a gain of say 40 percent, why should the updated model start with that gain when it may have done differently over the past? It may have performed better or worse.

  I have struggled over this issue and don't really have a good solution. I do show the previous model's results when an update is done and you can decide to include it in your analysis or not.


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