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Posted By: Tom C   Date: Fri Apr 17, 2009

Title: Late guidance

  I like 25.1 but how are we supposed to use the info on closing position when it comes 2 or 3 hours AFTER the close? I'm afraid of the snake pit of after-hours trading so I've just been tightening up my stops to 2% or less just before the close. Lately a big part of the day's move seems to be on the opening gap so I don't want to go to cash and miss out. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  By the way, I've been trading TNA/TZA with 8 to 10% trailing stops. Not very profitable yet but great fun.

  I admit that having to trade in the after-hours session can be a problem. Since we don't trade that often, I wonder if trading in the next session will make a big difference when you look at the returns averaged over many trades. By the way, if you did sell the Dow DIAMONDS in the after-hours session today, you probably would have got a better price than the closing value since price increased.

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