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Posted By: john   Date: Sat Jul 18, 2009

Title: I like to buy ryvyx and ryvnx funds

  the problem I have is I have to do so 5 mins. before the close. You can not do your work until after the close. Is there any past history of using a two day average of past data on your data and that might be good enough for signals of short and long? I can always get back into cash at the end of every day if the market is going the wrong way. Your data that I looked at seems to suggest it might work. But then I am not asking for miracles from you. Thanks. John

  I haven't looked at an average but did look at using the previous day's ANO value ( one-day delay). The return was reduced by about 15 percent. If you did use an average, I think the long and short set points would have to be adjusted.

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