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Posted By: Bill   Date: Mon Mar 22, 2010

Title: Newbie

  Well, now that you all got me to subscribe, you can now let me in on the secret of the ANO system.
  I kinda got it figured out, but if I'm gonna make a fortune using MarketTrak, I'm gonna need some educating.
  So let a country boy like myself in on the technical stuff and keep the system maken money and you will have a convert forever, and maybe longer.
  From what I have seen of your system, it is a keeper.

  The secrets lie in the mathematics of the model. I assume you have read the About page that discusses the ANO. If not, click here. Beyond this overview, the details get a little lengthy.

  I am considering offering a course on the model. It would be given in Albuquerque and would probably last for three or four days in the August - September timeframe. The course would cover the following topics:

  •  Market data and input preparation and normalization
  •  Mathematical forecast models and neural networks
  •  Evolutionary learning models with emphasis on genetic programming
  •  Network representation and training
  •  Dynamic weighting
  •  Analysis of results

  Prerequisite for the course would be a good understanding of technical analysis. Please send an email if you might attend. If there is enough interest, I will start working on the course details.

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