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Posted By: Chris   Date: Mon Nov 1, 2010

Title: Re: Disappointed in latest performance

  Hi Rich,
  Good discussion in the previous post regarding the disappointing performance of the model this year.
  One observation I did make is that the Forecast Model Results Graph in the above mention post, is different to that of the current Forecast Model Results graph for the period after 10/2/2010.
  I would have thought that the graphs would have been identical for the period after 10/2/2010 (i.e. after the Model 26 update)
  Any thoughts on this difference.

  I didn't notice that until now. I did add some new networks to the forecast library last week and it looks like the addition did have a noticeable effect on previous results. The software I use to create the forecast page does not allow previous results to be altered. I bypassed that logic in creating the graph on the previous post to illustrate the new model version. The networks in the current forecast library are the ones used to create that graph.

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