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Posted By: david z   Date: Tue Oct 23, 2012

Title: way to improve performance

  What if you assign a value of 2 longs to those days when the ANO >.23?
  People who buy or sell the spy can also buy or sell some of the funds which are leveraged 2x or 3x.
  We are currently underneath zero, but this is the result of 2 bad days, and the bad days had ano in the teen area.


 Thanks for your suggestion. I do not recommend trading the leveraged ETFs. I find them too risky for my trading style. If you find that using your setpoints work for you, then I say go for it but be very careful. A hedging strategy, like using options, might be used to minimize risk.

 The best way to improve performance is to develop a model that is more accurate. That continues to be my full time job.



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